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Creating business benefits through intelligently managed IT

We are a leading provider of managed IT services in Bahrain and we have in-depth expertise in workplace management, managed infrastructure, application operations, network, and communications. Our solutions provide value, consistency, and agility.

How We Do It..

The Process...

As a process we follow the guideline and framework of IT Infrastructure Library in order to enhance, measure and quantify the quality of services that we deliver to our customers. Through ITIL we provide the services equipped with reports, strategy and shows the vital business function to our clientele in order to keep them up to date and ensure that the efficiency of the cost is being met.

"We Deliver what others Promise"


  • Management, typically by an outside third-party, of an organization’s services and equipment related to computers, networks, or software, also known as outsourced Information Technology (IT).
  • True Managed Service Providers are 100% responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure and work on a fixed-fee basis. This changes the incentive from “finding problems” to “preventing problems”.
  • This business model also evens out the revenue stream for the MSP and fixes the IT budget for the client resulting in no ugly surprises from a billing standpoint.
  • Trust increases substantially since the MSP now has assumed shared risk with the client enabling what can truly be called a partnership. You can rest assured that any decision we make or advice we give is in both of our best interests because if something goes wrong, it is at our expense.

If you can relate to 3 or more of these statements, your company will benefit from a Managed IT Services approach:

  • You realize that IT is an integral part of your business that can no longer be handled by the boss’s kid, one of your staff members, or the guy next door.
  • You understand that IT is no longer an optional expense, but, an operational expense similar to the electric power company.
  • You want an IT firm that thinks like a Business Owner before thinking like IT technicians.
  • You just want it all to work!
  • You did not choose your career to monkey with IT issues.
  • You understand what it costs your company for you to notfocus on your top priorities.
  • You do not want to be in the IT business.
  • You do not want to deal with IT.
  • You are done trying to get techies to understand what you really need.
  • You realize the hourly cost of downtime and business interruption is so much more than a technician’s hourly rate.
  • You are finished with trying to manage depreciating assets.
  • You are done with finding, hiring, and managing IT staff.
  • You never want to deal with Technology vendors blaming each other.
  • You realize that a break/fix IT Support Company is not incentivized to fix your problems.
  • You put up with IT support issues because you do not want the trouble of changing to another support provider.
  • You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.
  • Why pay someone else if you can figure it out yourself?
  • Your IT plan is to keep the network running until the wheels fall off. Then we will deal with it.
  • You do not measure the performance of your business and employees.
  • You are content creating “work-arounds” or applying “Band-Aids” to fix problems.
  • You do not care how your employees use business resources during business hours.
  • You think “those IT problems” are not too bad, we can just work harder.
  • You believe a PC should last more than 6+ years.
  • You enjoy spending free time learning how to fix computers.
  • You really do not care if employee efficiency or morale can be improved.
  • You depend on “non-professionals” to help you out with IT.
  • You maintain that business productivity and performance are secondary to IT costs.
If the problem you are experiencing cannot be repairing quickly over the telephone or remotely, then we immediately dispatch a technician to your office to make the repairs.
If you are willing to pay 6 or 12 months in advance, we offer payment discounts.
A Managed Service Provider invests large amounts of time, energy, and staff resources into cleaning up and bringing your computer network into compliance with industry best practices. It is unfair to ask an MSP to come in, perform large amounts of work that the previous Vendor failed to complete, without a long-term agreement.

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